Free Designs for Glass Painting

Free Designs for Glass Painting.

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The designs in our Free Designs section are either our own or have been sent in. As far as we have been able to ascertain all of these design are copyright free but if we have mistakenly included one we shouldn’t then it will be removed upon notification. All the free designs for Glass Painting on this page can be clicked on and they will open full size in another window. Then you can just right click on them and download.

We’ll assume that everyone reading this will either own or have access to a computer. If it isn’t already, this will become your greatest asset for getting designs. Not only are there a wealth of images, in the form of clip art on the Internet, you will also be able to manipulate those images on the computer. There are free programmes around which will help you with some of the trickier design work.

Free Designs for Glass Painting Celtic Key Design

Free Designs for Glass Painting.

If you’re going to pipe in Black then print your design/template out in green or red. It’s easier to see where you have or haven’t piped.
Four Panel Celtic Key Design

Four Panel Celtic
Key Design.


Ying Yang  Design

Ying Yang

Clip Art Galleries.

There as loads of clip art galleries on the Web, many of them have at least selected images which you can download free. Be careful to read any terms of use which are attached. Quite often it will state that the images may only be used for non-commercial purposes!

Ohm Design

Ohm Design.

Once you have down loaded them you will be free to manipulate them on the computer. It the design is too intricate, take some unimportant bits out. Add backgrounds, join multiple pictures together and print it out in a variety of sizes. You will be able to find both popular Clip art Galleries and image manipulation software in our links section. Three of the Celtic designs on this page were made with the help of a little programme called Knot Worker, a really useful programme for anyone interested in this style of work. ( No we’re not on commission :-) )


pipped line


Practice Sheet for Glass painting.

Practice Sheet.

Here is the practice sheet which we promised you in the outlining section. It is in green so you will be able to see where you have piped. Just place it under a spare piece of glass or acetate to practice your piping skills.

If you haven’t got ready access to a computer, don’t worry, there are plenty of other sources of designs. There are many books available on Amazon which between them have 1,000s of designs. A much cheaper way is to buy children’s colouring books! They tend to have bold designs in them which translate very well to glass painting templates. To replace the computer go down to your local library and change the size of any images on a photo copier. Finally the is the old fashioned way which a lot of people still maintain is the best…..a pen and paper! We hope you enjoy hunting down someĀ Free Designs for Glass Painting.

Free Designs for Glass Painting Mirror (top) Design

Free Designs for Glass Painting.